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Delay Repay For Business Travel

Trains delays and cancellations have recently featured in the news, for their continually poor service. In addition, the new timetable across the UK recently introduced, has intensified delays and cancellations, affecting millions of businesses. So what can you do? You can, of course, look for alternative transport. But if you need to travel by train…
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Chauffeured car to the top hotels in Leicestershire

While many tourists find themselves pulled to the British Isles, to popular north or south destinations. Rather perceptive travellers or businessmen might opt for the beauty of the Midlands. The home of elegant shires and verdant hills, the Midlands brims with sites waiting to be discovered. Leicester, the historical jewel of Leicestershire, is an ideal…
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Top Reasons to Use a Chauffeur Service

Any kind of travel comes with inherent stress, finding where to go, at what time and how to get there effectively. For many travellers, whether it's a local trip with friends to a sporting event or international business travel, these details can prove to be a real headache and an unnecessary waste of time. A…
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