Delay Repay For Business Travel

business travel leicesterTrains delays and cancellations have recently featured in the news, for their continually poor service. In addition, the new timetable across the UK recently introduced, has intensified delays and cancellations, affecting millions of businesses. So what can you do?

You can, of course, look for alternative transport. But if you need to travel by train for business train delays and cancellations are likely to remain a part of your trip. Consequently, you can, of course, claim back compensation for trains delayed from 15 minutes. This varies per company, with some insisting on 30 minutes delay as a minimum. And the claims process can be confusing, irritating and time-consuming. So what’s best for you?


The Travel Compensation Services (TCS) is a paid for service. This option could save businesses a lot of money if they’re regularly travelling via trains. TCS uses an automated system which automatically submits delay repay claims and thus help with your businesses finances. Last year alone 3.6 million hours were lost in delayed trains.

Do It Yourself

You could submit a delay repay claim yourself for free if your train has been delayed by more than 15 minutes or cancelled. A new threshold of 15 minutes will be introduced by 2020 for all train companies. However, some companies insist on 30 minutes so you need to know what the policy is for each company. So the number of claims to submit could rocket, especially as train punctuality is getting worse. For example, the recent changes to the timetables across the country resulted in a number of services being cancelled.

However, if you do decide to submit a claim yourself remember, each train company will have a different policy and a different way to submit a claim, which could be via post or email for example. This can be confusing, irritating and time-consuming. However, if you have the admin facilities or the time whilst waiting for the delayed train to eventually turn up. This will save you money from hiring a company to do this for you instead.

If you have multiple employees, with multiple claims to submit this can add up in terms of resources and time. So it could be worth hiring an additional person or company to do this for you. Especially if your claims are covering their fees. Finally, there is a chance your claim could be rejected or you may want to escalate this, especially if it is for a large business party travelling for a meeting.


Executive Chauffeurs Leicester


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